About Oath Law

Oath Law’s mission is to help 1 million families create their ideal estate plan.

Oath Law is different from traditional law firms, because we utilize technology to provide estate planning typically reserved for millionaires to all families.

Oath Law the trade name of the estate planning law firm RTY Law, P.C. and has offices throughout the United States.

About Rod

I grew up in Owasso, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I went to the University of Oklahoma on an academic and leadership scholarship.

I have always had a deep curiosity about a lot subjects. In undergrad I was a double major in Philosophy and Political Science. I took most of my electives in Psychology and received a Psychology minor as well.

After undergrad none of the big Philosophy firms were hiring (I’m kidding, there are no big Philosophy firms, ha). I decided that I wanted to further my education and I attended the University of Oklahoma College of Law on an academic scholarship.

During my second year of law school my grandmother passed away. Since I am the only lawyer in my family, my mother called and asked what she should do. Since I was only in my second year of law school, and I didn’t want to make a mistake working on a case for my family, I told her to call an attorney.

My grandmother’s estate should have been simple to administer. She didn’t have millions of dollars. She did have people that she loved and she wanted the best for them. Unfortunately, my grandmother’s estate ended up in a messy probate. To make matters worse, because my grandmother had an out-of-date estate plan, my mother and her brothers were confused and left wondering what to do.

I learned from my grandmother’s estate that any person who has people that they love and assets that they value will benefit from an estate plan.

Sometimes people who don’t have a lot of assets have even more to lose if they don’t have a good estate plan.

I started Oath Law to provide obtainable estate planning to every family.

In the old days, only millionaires had estate plans. At Oath Law we use technology and a proven process to create estate plans that work for every person who has things they value and people that they cherish and want to protect.

What We Stand For


Each of our clients and their families are unique. Forms don’t work. We provide customized, personal estate planning.


An incomplete estate plan is a plan that will fail. We take the time to identify all the things you care most about in this world, to protect them for the people you love the most.


We understand how your assets fit together and the best way to ensure they benefit the people you cherish.


We give you advice with your best interest in mind. We treat you like we would want to be treated.


Meet a Few Members of Our Oath Team

Brian Kelley

Hi, I’m Oath Planning Specialist Brian Kelley. I work with the Oath Planning team and all of our clients to keep everyone informed, so their planning process is completed quickly.

Drew Gilbert

Hi, I’m estate planning attorney Drew Gilbert. I work with Oath Planning clients and the Oath Planning team to guarantee our client’s, their assets, and their families are protected.

Vikki Carrell

Hello, I’m Oath Planning Specialist Vikki Carrell. I see to it that each of our clients needs are met while we develop their individualized Oath plan.

Maggie Collins

Hello, I’m Oath Planning Specialist Maggie Collins. I listen to clients and work with Rod and other Oath attorneys to create personalized Oath plans for our clients.

JJ Kerksieck

Hello, I’m Estate Planning Attorney JJ Kerksieck. I work with Rod and other Oath attorneys to implement our client’s ideal estate plans.


How can you get started with Oath?

Unlike other law firms, we actually build a trusting relationship with you by giving you some of our most valuable information 100% FREE.

Our mission is to identify the families that are a good fit to work with us and to help those families to create the type of estate plan that provides the right amount of protection to them, their loved ones, and the assets that they value.

Our hope is that you’ll be so blown away be our free content that you’ll know we are a good fit to help you.

Full disclosure, a good percentage of the people who learn from us, actually hire us to design and build a customized estate plan specifically for them.

They don’t have to worry about making a mistake by doing it all themselves.

They get the benefit of working with a firm who has literally helped thousands  of people create legal plans to protect the people they love and make sure those people seamlessly get the stuff they value most in this world.

So, that is the hidden motivation for us providing all this education.

This is not a “sales pitch” in disguise.

Far from it.

You’ll get no pressure to become a client because we let the value of the education speak for itself.

There are two ways to get started below.

Live Workshops

Sign Up Here

If you are near one of our offices, sign up and attend one of our live workshops. These educational workshops will get you asking questions you’ve probably never thought about before.

We will literally answer your individual questions right there at the workshop.

Once we answer your questions you’ll be in a much better position to create your ideal estate plan.

At our workshops we show you the different estate planning tools and you hear how each will fit your unique family.

You’ll get your head around how to create an estate plan that protects you, your assets, and your loved ones.

Every live workshop attendee qualifies for a FREE Vision Meeting, where you tell us your vision for your estate plan, and we actually design a customized estate plan specifically for you and your family. 

Online Workshops

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Our online estate planning workshops dive deep into estate planning issues that most regularly impact our clients and their families.

At an online estate planning workshops you’ll see and hear how estate planning tools and techniques work to literally organize and protect your family and estate.

You will learn how to protect yourself if you become incapacitated, how to protect the things you value most in the world (your assets), and how to protect the people you love most from predators.

If you complete the online workshop, you qualify for a FREE Vision Call, where we hear your vision for your estate plan.

During your Vision Call, we actually design a customized estate plan specifically for you and your family.

These workshops are educational, and not just sales, and viewing an online workshop is a great step towards creating your ideal estate plan.