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“Oath Law provided excellent service and guided us into the estate planning process. All of our questions were answered. The process is complex, but their guidance and expertise was comforting. We also learned that the process is continual and not a one time service. Highly recommend."


Crystal is the managing estate planning attorney with Oath in the Salt Lake City area. She graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s Degree in Gender Studies. Crystal went on to earn her Juris Doctor from Rutgers University School of Law in New Jersey.


I come from very humble beginnings. While our home was warm, we lacked many items most people take for granted. Despite not having wealth to speak of, my parents were very focused on ensuring I had access to educational opportunities and resources. Because of their sacrifice, I was the second to graduate high school, after my father, and the first to attend college and graduate school. When I reflect upon my childhood, I recall my parents' relationship with money being a very prominent theme. This relationship can best be described as poor. It took decades for me to learn that our relationship to money is crucial to how we manage wealth. I had little to no education on how to utilize money as a tool and how to protect assets and use them as resources. And I am still learning! Because of my family's lack of education on wealth management and how to plan for the future, our family was faced with another hurdle about 9 years ago. My father passed unexpectedly from a heart attack. When I say unexpectedly, I truly mean that it was a shock to everyone. Among the many tasks following such tragic circumstances, is determining what provisions were made regarding the decedent's estate. In our case, the task was summed up in one word: NONE. Nothing. Not a single directive on how my father's estate should be handled upon his death. We were "unfortunately fortunate" in that his assets were next to nothing and my mother was still living. But this really got me thinking about how I needed to ensure that my family was not left in the same situation upon my passing. Accidents, tragedies, illness, and sudden deaths happen everyday. Planning for these unexpected circumstances is another way to provide care for your family. And the time for that is now. Accidents and tragedies are devastating because they are so unexpected. Speaking from experience, the last thing someone experiencing loss wishes to be burdened with are questions about their loved one's estate that can no longer be answered. If tales of gloom and doom aren't for you (I don't blame you!), perhaps focusing on protecting everything you have worked so hard for is a better motivation. Coming from a family that had little, I value each and every asset I have worked for. I value every opportunity I have maximized to grow something I can leave my family. You and your family deserve to protect what matters most to you. You deserve a unique plan tailored to address your specific needs by experienced professionals that doesn't cost a fortune. Now, with Oath Law, you can have exactly that.

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