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Taylor Smith

Estate Planning Attorney

Taylor is the managing estate planning attorney with Oath in Oklahoma City, OK. She practices in the areas of estate planning and trust administration. Taylor’s favorite part of her job is solving problems for her clients, and seeing how her work can improve their lives. She believes that a thorough plan integrates a clients estate and financial goals, and gives them peace of mind as their life moves forward.

Taylor earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alabama. She then went on to attend law school at the University of Oklahoma, where she earned her Juris Doctorate. Taylor is licensed to practice in the state of Oklahoma and is a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association. She was selected as a NextGen under 30 Award Winner for 2020. This award honors Oklahomans under the age of 30 that go above and beyond serving their communities in their prospective fields. In her free time, Taylor loves to cook, attend classes at CycleBar, and play piano.

My Story

I am a first-generation attorney who had no idea what I was getting into when I decided to attend law school. I thought law school would be the perfect fit for me because I was competitive, loved learning, and wanted to be in a position where I could help people and solve problems. I very quickly learned that law school was aimed more for the students who planned on graduating and going straight into Big Law. For the students who wanted to work with multi-million dollar corporations and other transactional matters.  

I became disillusioned with the entire experience and spent the majority of my second year of law school wrought with anxiety over what I would do with my degree once I was out. It wasn’t until my final year of law school that I would finally be given a taste of the estate planning atmosphere.

My mother likes to tell stories about how I’ve always had an affinity for older people. How as a child, I invited an elderly man at the local café who was dining alone to come sit at my family’s table. My parents are high school sweethearts and I have two younger siblings who I am very close with. Family has always been incredibly important to me and has played a huge role in the foundation of my character. Little did I know that a combination of these small sparks would grow into a fulfilling career within the law of estate planning.  

My third year of law school and final semester, I enrolled in a Wills and Trusts course. It was taught by a wonderful professor, a woman who now serves as the President of OU Law School, and I had no idea what to expect. I very quickly realized that this area of the law could be my niche, it could be the place I belonged. I had no interest in battling out litigation cases in court for years at a time, didn’t think I was emotionally tough enough to handle divorces or child custody cases, and had no interest in boring myself to death drafting contracts. Estate planning was the one place where my interests could come together.

Not only has estate planning been an environment in which I’ve been able to thrive, but it has been an area of work in which immediate gratification and problem solving are a near-constant. My clients attend my workshops in search of knowledge and answers, and together we are able to find solutions to their biggest anxieties and concerns surrounding what happens to their families, their assets, their legacy, after they pass away.

I believe so strongly that estate planning is a special area of the law where attorneys need to be smart as a whip, creative, and absolutely empathetic. I love being able to listen to my clients, learn about their families, and create a genuine and authentic relationship that helps us work together to find the best solution to their years of worry.

Very professional and organized! Taylor and Maggie were awesome!!

Tim Bennett

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