If you are committed to learning more about how to plan and protect your family, there are two excellent ways to move forward:

Path 1
Live Workshops

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If you are near one of our offices, sign up and attend one of our live workshops. These educational workshops will get you asking questions you’ve probably never thought about before.

We will literally answer your individual questions right there at the workshop.

Once we answer your questions you’ll be in a much better position to create your ideal estate plan.

At our workshops we show you the different estate planning tools and you hear how each will fit your unique family.

You’ll get your head around how to create an estate plan that protects you, your assets, and your loved ones.

Every live workshop attendee qualifies for a FREE Vision Meeting, where you tell us your vision for your estate plan, and we actually design a customized estate plan specifically for you and your family. 

Path 2
Online Workshops

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Our online estate planning workshops dive deep into estate planning issues that most regularly impact our clients and their families.

At an online estate planning workshops you’ll see and hear how estate planning tools and techniques work to literally organize and protect your family and estate.

You will learn how to protect yourself if you become incapacitated, how to protect the things you value most in the world (your assets), and how to protect the people you love most from predators.

If you complete the online workshop, you qualify for a FREE Vision Call, where we hear your vision for your estate plan.

During your Vision Call, we actually design a customized estate plan specifically for you and your family.

These workshops are educational, and not just sales, and viewing an online workshop is a great step towards creating your ideal estate plan.

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