04/27/21 and 04/28/21

Bethany Estate and Financial Planning Workshop

From our first meeting we knew this was the right group for our estate planning. All associates are very professional and polite. We look forward to many years of continued support of our estate.

Greg Knight

What You’ll Learn

This is an education that you can only get from Estate Planning and Investment Attorneys that have the best interest of Oklahomans in mind. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • We’re going to show you what you need to be doing now to protect your home, assets, and family from predators.
  • We’ll explain the documents that safeguard everything that you’ve worked hard for, so you can make informed decisions for you and your loved ones.
  • We even explain how tax and financial planning can help you keep what you’ve earned and grow your retirement wealth - something your accountant can’t do.

You’ll learn all of this, and much more.


Live in person workshop

Tuesday, April 27th

There are two times available

1:30 pm OR 6:00 pm


Wednesday, April 28th

There are two times available

10:30 am OR 1:30 pm

The workshop will be located at:

Cole Community Center
Green Room

4400 Northwest Expy
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

We will be following social distancing guidelines.