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“It feels good to have our Living Trust updated and knowing we have everything done professionally by lawyers that know all the rules. It is a big relief.”


Vaishali is Oath's managing estate planning attorney at our Walnut Creek office. A Bay Area native, Vaishali who grew up in Saratoga prior to attending UC Davis for her undergraduate degree. Vaishali earned her law degree from Santa Clara University School of Law and is a member of the California Bar Association. Vaishali is passionate about helping clients protect what they’ve worked hard for and plan for the people they care about. In her free time, Vaishali enjoys staying active, finding new recipes and spending time with her son and daughter.


As the middle of five children, I discovered early on that there is no such thing as “one size fits all”. Although we were raised in the same house by the same parents, my siblings and I could not be more different. My role as middle child came with expectations of being adaptable, independent, and a logical sounding board for my brothers and sisters. I honed those skills and found myself ready to attend college at UC Davis where I studied Philosophy and Sociology. When I realized I was interested in law school, I interned for an estate planning attorney in Sacramento. During my time at that office, I quickly picked up on a commonality. Clients left lighter, confident, and at ease, knowing they had decided to protect the things and people that mattered to them. I found my inspiration to become an attorney through this internship and went to law school. Unfortunately, as it tends to go, inspiration did not line up with reality. The opportunities I came across at Santa Clara University during law school fell mostly in the civil litigation world. I went on to practice civil litigation for nearly ten years. What became clear to me year after year was that in litigation there are no winners. Even when I achieved a favorable outcome for my clients, everyone walked away emotionally and financially drained. Although I was not fulfilled, I continued going through the motions for some time. Everything changed when I had my children. I have a son and a daughter whom I fondly refer to as my heart and my soul. I found myself instilling in those little humans that their future would be decided by them. A phrase I often used was “you’re the captain” when they asked me to make decisions for them that I knew they could make themselves. When I realized I was not following the advice that I so frequently gave out, I gained the strength to make changes in my life, leaving behind the things that were bringing negativity to my life. I reclaimed my power and have returned to estate planning, which was what inspired me to practice law in the first place. Through my estate planning practice with Oath, I allow others to find their power and peace of mind. I arm my clients with the knowledge they need to decide what happens to the things they’ve worked hard for and people who matter to them. My clients know their desires matter and there is no one size fits all approach to their life or their estate plan. It is their life, and they decide what happens. They are the captain.

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