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“Oath Law provided excellent service and guided us into the estate planning process. All of our questions were answered. The process is complex, but their guidance and expertise was comforting. We also learned that the process is continual and not a one time service. Highly recommend."


My name is Nathan. I grew up in Gilbert, back when most of the strip malls were farmland. I’m the son of a farmer and business owner who barely scraped by, but my three sisters and I were fine with that. After my father lost his business, he became an agriculture teacher at a local technical school. Almost my entire family works in education. I guess it goes back to something my parents instilled in us since we were little: we help the people around us. I took that message to heart.


Before attending law school, I worked for a swim school. One of my responsibilities was teaching swim lessons. It was amazing to teach infants and children to swim. I loved teaching children because in my mind I was proactively saving the lives of hundreds of children that would eventually encounter the water. This desire to help people and families brought me to law school. I thought being a lawyer would allow me to have a greater impact on improving the lives of individuals and families. In my final year of law school, I worked for a domestic violence clinic. It provided free legal representation to victims and survivors of domestic violence. While it was rewarding, most days brought me to tears on the drive home after hearing what happened to these women and children. I thought that working in this type of law would help me help families. After law school, I began working for a small, local firm in Gilbert, where I practiced family law. I quickly learned that the rewarding feelings I felt in law school were different than in actual practice. Most of my cases involved divorce and child custody arguments. Family law is reactive and as a family law attorney, my cases were a reaction to arguments and incidents that often happened many years ago. I remember sitting at my desk and thinking I’m not helping people like I want. There must be something more to help people. Later that week, I had a couple come in to sign their will. The air felt different than with my other clients. This couple spoke about their children and how grateful they were for a plan that made sure their children would betaken care of, even after they passed. So, I began focusing on estate planning because it is proactive. Every day I help people proactively plan their family’s future. The air is different here because I work with clients to prevent future problems and heartaches, instead of reacting to problems that went unsolved for years.

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